Stéphane Corcelle
Photographe naturaliste

Wildlife photographer

My passion for photography, my love for nature and wildlife, especially birds, have directed me to animal photography for more than a quarter of a century.

From an early age nature has been one of my favourite activities. After two or three sessions in the wild, I was forever amazed by birds and the feeling of freedom they induce.

Forever fresh memories of observing nocturnal raptors in the Haute Chaine massif (Jura) gave me the intense desire to immortalize these fascinating creatures. The idea of becoming a photographer germinates in my mind.

My photos require many explorations and preliminary sightings. They are the result of a very long work of approach and a “connection” with nature to capture the intimacy of the animal without frightening it. On the shores of Geneva Lake or in the woods, on the lookout for hours whatever the weather, I catch striking moments that reveal the personality of the species.

My methods of approach, my technique and the documentary aspect of my work are merely the reflection of my love for nature as an artist.

I work a lot by instinct and focus on showing the harmony of the animal in its environment. Framing is my main concern as it allows me to best bring out to an animal’s attitude and colours.

My vision as a nature photographer is to express feelings in a certain way. My goal is to raise awareness and protect our environment at this critical hour.

Through my work and the choices I make, I’d like to go beyond anecdotes and information overload and embark with you on a poetic journey.

 Stéphane Corcelle wildlife photographer

Capturing nature's beauty

Stéphane Corcelle is an award-winning wildlife photographer who has spent many years exploring the incredible world of nature photography. His passion for capturing the beauty of nature has taken him to many exotic places around the world, but his favorite place to photograph is Haute-Savoie in France. Stéphane has a special talent for capturing birds in their natural environment, and his photos have been featured in numerous magazines and books. He also gives lectures on wildlife photography and shares his knowledge with aspiring photographers. Join us as we explore Stéphane's journey into the amazing world of wildlife photography and discover his passion for capturing nature's beauty!